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“La Bella's offers full-service catering & event planning to the New Orleans Metro Area”

Since 1966 the La Bella family has been feeding the families of New Orleans and beyond.

Chef's Recommendations

Seafood Lasagna

Crab & Shrimp , Crawfish, Vegetable filling in white cream...

“La Bella’s Homemade” Italian Meatsauce and Spaghetti

Italian Meatsauce and Spaghetti

Roasted Duck

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri Lunch from 10:30am-2:00pm Sat-Sun Closed for Lunch, but you can enjoy La Bella's Catering 24/7!

Customer Testimonials

Chef Tracie Chiquet

Chef Tracie Chiquet

I don’t mind all of the CC’s at all…I want them all to know what a great job everyone did to make this a success.  I can only imagine their thoughts when they saw the numbers because I certainly remember my 1st Endymion here and I was thinking the same damn thing. LOL  I think every year gets better and better and more organized. I am so happy we can count on y’all, a small family owned business that ROCKS! I don’t know how we would do it without you guys and gals.  I certainly couldn’t imagine having to make thousands upon thousands upon thousands of sandwiches.  LOL
You guys and gals are truly the best and we certainly appreciate everything y’all do for us year round.

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